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Deceased Estates

Regroup Enterprises are experts in the highly specialised area of deceased estate property clearing.  We offer a comprehensive solution for Executors, family members and beneficiaries that relieves them of the emotional and physical demands of clearing a property that often contains a lifetime of possessions.  

The team at Regroup Enterprises also have over twenty years’ experience in appraising antique and collectable items ranging from high value china and art to historic memorabilia and musical instruments.  All personal effects in the estate property are treated with the utmost respect and items of significant value are identified, labeled and carefully packed for transport to the most suitable auction house.  

The complete process for clearing the property is:

  1. An initial site inspection with an estate representative (in person or virtual) to assess the property and provide a quote.

  2. Photograph/video and inventory of all items of significant value.

  3. The entire contents of the house are then meticulously sorted, packed and removed.  All items are tagged as either auction, charity or disposal.  The priority will always be to ensure as many items as possible are sold, donated to charity or recycled to minimise landfill and the high cost of disposing of unwanted items. 

  4. During the packing of the household contents, any items of sentimental value, photographs and important documents will be secured to be reviewed by the estate representative.

  5. The Regroup team will then remove all household items and transport them to their relevant destination. 

  6. Once the property is empty, an intensive clean is carried out (including carpet clean, oven & hot plate, bathrooms and kitchen) and minor maintenance and repairs are completed.

  7. A modernisation program is initiated where cosmetic changes are undertaken which may include batten lights replaced with oyster lights, modern handles fitted to kitchen cabinets etc.

  8. Minor paint touch-ups through to a complete repaint both inside and outside of the dwelling.

  9. Minor plumbing and electrical work dependent on the requirements. 

  10. The exterior of the property is then thoroughly cleaned, and the gardening completed and all rubbish removed.

  11. If the property is to be sold, we highly recommended that the additional service of staging be requested.  Regroup Enterprises are leaders in property styling and can furnish and decorate the home to the highest standard of presentation.  Regroup Enterprises have a proven track record of enhancing properties to a level that ensured they achieved the maximum sale price in a competitive real estate market. Boasting to be a complete one stop shop.

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