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About Regroup Enterprises


Partner and Senior Stylist, Kym Smirnoff, is renowned for her innate style and her ability to create chic rooms on a shoestring. Her design career first flourished when she was a senior home wares buyer for leading retailer David Jones and her flair for visual merchandising was discovered. After undertaking intensive design training, Kym branched out into property styling – a relatively new science in the design industry.

Kym has styled properties in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. From luxury homes to beach cabins, she caters for every budget and can create the WOW factor for less than you think.


“Simple changes and upgrades can transform a drab looking house into a stylish and spacious home."

If you are selling your home then you need it to stand out from the competition, prospective buyers need to immediately feel comfortable in the home and it must have an ambiance that appeals to people’s emotions. 

Even if your house is not on the market a makeover can make your house feel like a new home without the hassle of moving! 

"Anyone can make a house look gorgeous if they have an unlimited budget – the skill is being able to get the same look for a fraction of the cost. That’s where we come in.”

Our Process

Property styling involves re-styling your home to fully maximize its strengths.


The key to property styling is creating a look that will easily enable potential buyers to see themselves living in your property.


There are three key areas that a property styling will focus on.




Property styling can help to maximize space through the removal of excess furniture and clutter. This will make a smaller property feel larger and also allow a potential buyer to visualize themselves in that space.




Having your property styled will ensure the property is clean and presentable inside and out. Property styling can also take care of those home maintenance issues that you’ve put off, to ensure the property is in tip-top shape. Most potential buyers look for properties that they can move into straight away without the need of any extra work. Extra work to a potential buyer means extra money and may drive down their offering price.




Property styling can help your property achieve its optimum level of style. This may involve; re-arranging furniture and/or rooms, introducing new colour schemes and also sourcing furniture and accessories

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